Sunday, September 20


Last night over dinner with my husband our conversation eventually lead to us having a deep and meaningful about our future, our hopes and dreams, our desires and what we want to do in the coming years...which is one thing that we love to do. Craig and I both have some very big dreams (sometimes I wonder if they are even too big) but I don’t ever want to be one of those people who has lots of dreams and talks about them all the time but never actually does anything about it. So of course this afternoon, while I am at home alone without my lovely husband (he is working... as he does every weekend...we have a desire to change this!) I have again been thinking about our dreams and wondering how we can achieve them and what I can do to help achieve them.

The other night at our home group we were listening to a CD by a guy named Dr Dave Martin and he was discussing the differences between the way that rich people think and the way that poor people think. One of the points he brought up was that rich people believe ‘I can create my life’ but poor people think that ‘life just happens’. God has given us a mind to think and to create and to have dreams and visions... God is the creator of the whole universe, He created the world we live in, He did it all in only seven days AND we are created in the image of Him... We can create the life we desire through Jesus.

But I find myself in a quandary, as I so often do when it comes to my dreams, because I always wonder to myself... but what is God’s will?? I always ask myself the same question ‘is my dream also God’s will for my life?’ What is God’s will for my life? The problem is that I never get a straight answer... even from God. The only thing I have got to go on is God’s Word... The Bible. So I asked myself the question ‘Do my dreams line up with the Word of God?’ Well....Yes....they do!

So does that mean that all of my dreams will come true? I guess they will... if I work hard at it... if I have the right mindsets... if I trust in God for the impossible and have faith.

I remember quite a few years ago now, I believed that God was calling me to New Zealand to be a farmer’s wife. Now, for those of you who know me well, you will probably be on the floor rolling around in laughter right now!! As if I could be a farmers wife... right!!?? What was I thinking!!!??? Anyway, I was going... I had my ticket booked and paid for, my bags were almost packed until.... God stopped me. I mean He stopped me!! God gave me a word from someone who knew absolutely nothing about my situation and told me very directly to ‘wait for the green light’.... I was trying to go on a red light and God stopped me. So I listened... I didn’t go and God has blessed me with the most wonderful husband in the world!

As we start to take steps towards our future and head in the direction that we believe we should be going, the direction that our dreams are leading us, if God doesn’t stop us in our tracks... we must be on the right path. God may not always answer our questions for direction in our lives, He wants us to step out and trust Him but if we do start to go off in the wrong direction, it is wonderful and comforting to know that He will gently lead us back onto the right track.

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