Sunday, September 13

All I Need

This morning at church we were singing a song and the last paragraph of the song says ‘you are all I need’. As I was singing this God really challenged me… is He really all that I need? Sometimes we can be singing a song during praise and worship and not even really thinking about the words we are actually singing.

I was thinking about it again this afternoon and considering how I would be if I really didn’t have anything left in my life except God? What if He took away my life as it is now…my husband, my job, my finances, my friends, my giftings, everything that I consider of value to me…how would I really feel?….would Jesus be all that I need? I would definitely like to think that I could say yes, He is all that I would ever need but I honestly don’t know.

It’s a pretty big challenge when you think about it but something that I am compelled to strive for in my life.

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