Wednesday, November 4


The past two to three weeks have been very busy for me with friends and family getting married, having babies and baby showers, celebrating birthdays, etc.. lots of good things to rejoice about and wonderful excuses for a party!
Last night as I was busy putting together and wrapping a couple of pressies for two of these momentous occassions I was thinking about how much joy I get out of giving people presents.  For me, with my love language of 'gifts' it is almost as good as, and if not better than, actually receiving a gift for myself.  I do love to receive gifts and I am very happy and extremely blessed to have a wonderful husband who is thoughtful and generous in his gift giving but I absolutely love to see the expression on someone else's face as they open a present which the totally adore... especially if it is the one I have given them!

But a feel a tinge of sadness for many of those in the society in which we live... a people and a generation who are so caught up with self and focussed on get, get, get, and more, more, more... don't want to miss out attitudes... gotta have the latest craze.  They do not know or understand the great blessing that it is to give to others... they don't understand the proverb 'it is more blessed to give than to receive'... they don't understand that what they sow they will reap.

As a Christian I believe it is so much more important for me be understand the principles of giving and being a generous person.  God has given us the greatest gift of all in His only Son, Jesus.  He gave His Son so that we might have life, and life more abundantly.   The only thing that I need to do in return is surrender my whole life into His hands. 

It seems so very simple and nothing compared to what we have already received... eternal life... and yet with society thrusting that 'keep up with the Jones' mentality down our necks, it sometimes takes everything inside of us to stand up for what we really believe in.  Instead we try to hold onto parts of our lives as tight as we can so that we can maybe still 'look good' in the eyes of society.  However, if we do take the risk of giving our whole entire lives to Him to do His will, we would probably be extremely amazed at what God will again give us in return.... even though He has already given us so much.

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