Wednesday, January 23

A Glorious Life...

So I was thinking the other day that I hadn't set any goals for 2013 as I usually like to do at the beginning of each year and the longer I thought about it I realised that I honestly didn't feel like doing it and I didn't want to do it... I felt that there was no point and the reason why I was feeling that way was because a couple of years ago my husband and I stepped out of our comfortable lives into the great unknown, to achieve a 'huge' dream that we felt God had asked of us and to date we are still 'out on the water' waiting and working towards making that one dream come true. 

It has been a long and hard slog to say the least and there have been many times when I have wanted to give up and go back to where I was... living where I was comfortable... knowing what I was doing... not having to stress about certain things... etc, etc.... but on the other hand when you feel that God has called you to do something, it is difficult to let that go.  I guess I felt that this one goal had taken up so much space in my life that there wasn't any room for anything else.

So I sat down with my pen... a little reluctant to even start thinking about my dreams and goals and I suddenly remembered a scripture I had seen on Facebook earlier in the day...

James 1:12
God will bless you... IF you don't give up when your faith is being tested.  He will reward you with a GLORIOUS LIFE just as He rewards EVERYONE who loves Him!

WHEN YOUR FAITH IS BEING TESTED...  I feel like my faith has been tested big time over the last couple of years!!!

IF you don't give up... God will bless you!!

A GLORIOUS LIFE... what does that GLORIOUS LIFE look like???

This was my motivation to start to dream again...

I believe that God wants every one of us to love our lives... to be happy with where we are and what we are doing... to have our very own GLORIOUS LIFE but what do we have to do to be rewarded with that GLORIOUS LIFE?


Don't give up when the going gets tough... keep on believing... keep on having Faith... keep on praying and trusting... even if you are going through the most incredible testing time... God is still there... He is still in control.  Some of the toughest times of our lives can also be the most fruitful.  I have to keep reminding myself of this all the time!!  My character is being built... God is strengthening me for what is coming... Don't give up on the rest of my life just because one part of it is a little difficult at the moment!

I now have a full page of goals and dreams for 2013... all of them being part of my GLORIOUS LIFE!!

I'm not going to give up!!

And if you haven't guessed by now... getting back to the blogging is one of them.

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