Tuesday, September 21

It is LIFE...

There was a time in my life, which when I think about it actually wasn't that long ago, when reading the Bible, the inspired Word of God always seemed like it was such a chore, like it was just hard work and would never really get much out of it.  Occassionally I would pick up a revelation but most of the time I was doing it because I felt that I had to. 

I could spend ages listening to worship music and just being before God in His presence and worshipping Him but as soon as I picked up the Bible it seemed to become boring... reading the Bible was such an effort for me.

I don't know if anyone else feels like this sometimes... or is it just me??

I would try to make it enjoyable with a nice hot cuppa or lighting some candles and it would help to make me feel good but I still wasn't really getting much out of it.

However, during the past year or so, I seriously haven't been able to live without God's Word in my life every single day.  I don't know what changed or how it changed or what I did... perhaps it is just that I feel like I have more time and I don't need to rush... or that I pushed through without giving up... whatever it is, it is GOOD!!

I read something in the notes section of my Bible today which really spoke to me about how important God's Word is for our lives...

The Word of God will light your way;
it will help you make right choices;
it will heal your wounds and settle your heart;
it will protect you and cleanse you from sin;
it will lead you;
it will make you wise;
it is bread;
it is water;
it is a counsellor;
it is life;
it is satisfying;
it is sufficient;
it is supreme;
it is supernatural.

How absolutely amazing is the Word of God!!  It is everything that we need for whatever path we are on in life... wherever we are at... whatever we are doing... God's Word is all that we ever need.

Psalm 119:162
"I rejoice at your Word as one who finds great treasure".

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