Wednesday, April 28

Encounter with God

Over the last six weeks or so I have been reading a couple of books in relation to encountering God and reaching my promised land... and during this time I have found such a hunger for more of God beginning to well up inside me... more than I have ever experienced before and I am absolutely loving spending time with God and just can't seem to get enough!  It is so true that if we draw near to God that He will absolutely draw near to us!!

One of the most significant realisations I have had has been that I need to become more like Jesus and one thing about Jesus that has really stuck with me is that not one single person who met Jesus during His time here on earth walked away disappointed.  Each and every person who chased after Jesus walked away from their encounter with Him fully satisfied.  Jesus healed every single person who was sick or diseased and He even raised the dead.  That is just so totally awesome!!!... not one single person walked away dissatisfied!  Imagine how incredible that would be if every single person we prayed for walked away completely and totally healed!

And an even more amazing thing is that Jesus said we would do even greater things than He because we would have the Holy Spirit... and that is what I am chasing after right now!

I so deeply desire such an encounter with the Holy Spirit so that I can become like Jesus... this is my life-long pursuit.

'My soul thirst for You, my flesh yearns for You'. Psalm 63:1

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