Thursday, October 22

Living Water

Just over the last few days I have been feeling like I have been going through a bit of a dry patch and as I was getting ready to go to bed tonight I was reminded of a scripture that we were studying during our first few weeks of Bible College.

The story talks about a woman at a well and Jesus comes over and asks her for a drink of water…she gets him a drink and then Jesus starts talking to her and telling her everything that was happening in her life and that if she drinks of the ‘living water’ she will never thirst again.

It was that little bit that was bought to my remembrance…if we drink of the ‘living water’ we will ‘never thirst again’. As we go through life and our walk with Jesus sometimes we can feel a little empty or dry in certain areas but it doesn’t have to be that way because we have Jesus…the living water…the well that will never run dry. We have Jesus on tap 24/7!

We can sometimes seek after many other things in life to try and fill the hole or the emptiness that we are feeling or to satisfy that dry feeling but they will never bring the fulfilment that only God can bring.

I think it is awesome that Jesus can supply our every need in life, any area that is lacking…we can call on him at anytime and know that there is an unlimited supply of ‘satisfaction’.

You know how it is on an extremely hot summers day and you’ve been working or playing hard and all of a sudden you just feel so overwhelmingly thirsty and in need of big, long drink…right now! You go to the frig and pull out that icy cold filtered water, pour yourself a tall glass and take a big, long drink…. That water is so unbelievably satisfying and your thirst has been quenched just like that.

That is what Jesus can do when we look to Him to fill the dryness in our heart or for the answer to our problems and He gives us peace, or if we are a feeling a bit depressed, He can bring something or someone along to make us smile and it’s exactly like the refreshing ‘ahhhhh…’ as you take a swig of that nice cold drink.

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