Tuesday, August 25


Just after I climed into my comfy bed last night and got all snuggled in ready to go to sleep I was a little bit disappointed about the fact that I hadn't managed to write in my blog and it was only the second day. To tell you the truth I hadn't been able to think of anything all night that I had wanted to write about which was a little bit scary.

Then I started to think about my upcoming ski trip to NZ in THREE DAYS....WHOO HOO!! I was remembering this one blue run that I have actually skied down a few times before but I always, ALWAYS see it coming and stop at the top to try and build up my courage to go over the edge. Anyway...in my mind I began to imagine myself skiing down towards the top of the run and then just keep on going straight over that edge without even thinking once about it and continuing down watching myself ski perfectly (without crashing!) and then when I reached the bottom I had a little party with myself...hehe. And then the revelation came...

Sometimes when we look at ourselves we see all the things that we aren't good at or we see ourselves as someone lesser than who we really are and what we can accomplish or sometimes we can look at ourselves and see what we could achieve but then immediately after those awesome thoughts, those negative ones, that we all know so well, just come and make themselves at home. But... (don't you just love those buts) God sees us as the completed and finished project... He sees the big picture, the one whom He created us to be. He sees everyone of us at the end of our journey and He is right beside us the whole entire time encouraging us as we take each step.

Now I know that surely I am not the only one who has those 'silly' daydreams and if I am then I have just completely embarrassed myself... but they aren't silly by the way! If you can imagine yourself doing something that you have always wanted to do the only other thing that you need to do to achieve that dream is to believe in yourself and to trust God. It may not happen overnight but if we begin by taking little steps towards those dreams, they will happen.

It doesn't matter what our dream is... whether its to ski that run next week, to be a better mum to our kids, to own a million dollar company or just to cook dinner without burning it... God sees that dream completed in us, we just need to look at ourselves through Gods eyes...oh and maybe do a little bit of hard work if you are after that million dollar company!

OK...so now that you know about my little dream to ski that blue run perfectly without pausing at the top...stay tuned for the party in a few days time :)

Jeremiah 29:11 'For I know the plans I have for you' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future...'

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